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Illinois Full Car Written Test

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This practice test will select 46 random questions, which you will be expected to complete within the allocated 60 minute time limit. You will be shown correct and incorrect answers at the end of the quiz, with a hint available on each question should you need it.

Each question approximates the style and type used by the DMV for your real test.


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[ Safe Driving Practices ]
You have turned into a sideroad and realise you have made a mistake. You should NOT:

[ Parking ]
How much space should you leave between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you when you parallel park?
[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
In the event that you are convicted, for the first time, of DUI, how long will your driving privileges be suspended for?
[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
At T intersections without STOP or YIELD signs, what action is correct?
[ Additional Driving Laws / Rules ]
What California penal code prohibits driving with an unsecured load that is a potential safety hazard?
[ Sharing the Road ]
On a divided highway with 4 or more traffic lanes in one direction, what lane do large trucks typically drive in?
[ Sharing the Road ]
Which of these other road users might not take a normal route through a roundabout? (Select all that apply)

[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
If you are under the age of 21, what is the minimum level of BAC before it becomes unlawful to drive?
[ Vehicle Positioning ]
When you are on a city street, how much space should you leave to merge, cross, enter/exit traffic?
[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
If you are under the age of 21, and you are convicted of having a BAC of 0.01% or over, which of the following is a possible consequence?
[ Special Driving Situations ]
At what speed can your tires loss all contact with the road if there is a lot of water?
[ Turns ]
On a divided highway, when can you make a legal U-turn?
[ Parking ]
Which of the following is an example of illegal parking
[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
School crosswalks are normally marked with what color lines?
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
Before beginning a journey, how can you best plan your route?

[ Lane Control ]
In what situation is it okay to pass traffic on the right-hand side?
[ Driver Readiness ]
Why should you be aware of warm air in the car whilst driving?

[ Lane Control ]
What is a center left turn lane?
[ Lane Control ]
What is a bike route?
[ Parking ]
When parking uphill, what way should you turn your wheels?
[ Vehicle Positioning ]
What is an example of a driver who may present danger to other individuals?
[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
Unless otherwise posted, what is the speed limit when driving near a school?
[ Parking ]
When you back up to parallel park, at what degree angle should you back up at?
[ Parking ]
Before moving off in a vehicle, you should: (Select all that apply)

[ Traffic Controls ]
When you see a solid green traffic signal turn to a solid yellow traffic signal, what should you do?
[ Lane Control ]
Which lane is generally the smoothest to drive in?
[ Parking ]
What is a crosshatched area adjacent to a parking space mean?
[ Sharing the Road ]
You are traveling slowly behind a cyclist in front of you. Why should you give the cyclist plenty of space when overtaking?

[ Traffic Controls ]
What is this sign indicating?
[ Handling Emergencies ]
You are traveling along a wet road in a vehicle without anti-lock brakes. You apply the brakes and your vehicle begins to skid. What should you do?

[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
How much distance should you include from your vehicle to the crosswalk when stopping?
[ Special Driving Situations ]
What can possibly happen if you drive faster or slower than the rest of traffic?
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
What should you do if you have to stop in a tunnel?

[ Special Driving Situations ]
You are on snow and about to begin moving. As you set off, you should:

[ Safe Driving Practices ]
Whilst driving or riding, you should avoid distractions such as: (Select all that apply)

[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
Which of the following is true when driving in a roundabout?
[ Traffic Controls ]
What other information may be included on this sign?
[ Additional Driving Laws / Rules ]
When are you required to turn your headlights on?
[ Handling Emergencies ]
Which of the following is one of the most common causes of collisions?
[ Traffic Controls ]
This type of sign is often paired with which of the following signs?
[ Visual Search ]
What should you do when backing up?
[ Special Driving Situations ]
When driving on snow, why should you stay in a higher gear?

[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
What is the correct course of action when it comes to traffic signs that are indicating pedestrians?
[ Special Driving Situations ]
While driving at night, where should you look when a car with bright headlights is coming from the other direction?
[ Sharing the Road ]
Which of the following is true regarding blind pedestrians?
[ Lane Control ]
Which lane should you drive in if you are going faster?

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