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Minnesota Full Car Written Test

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This practice test will select 46 random questions, which you will be expected to complete within the allocated 60 minute time limit. You will be shown correct and incorrect answers at the end of the quiz, with a hint available on each question should you need it.

Each question approximates the style and type used by the DMV for your real test.


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[ Traffic Controls ]
What does this sign mean?

[ Handling Emergencies ]
What do you need to provide to the Emergency Notification System if you have to call them due to your vehicle stalling on railroad tracks?
[ Lane Control ]
What should you NOT do before overtaking? (Select all that apply)
[ Handling Emergencies ]
What is the third step you must do in the event that your accelerator becomes stuck?
[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
If you are under the age of 21, and you are convicted of having a BAC of 0.01% or over, which of the following is a possible consequence?
[ Parking ]
Which of the following is an example of disabled placard abuse?
[ Lane Control ]
What is a buffered bike lane?
[ Sharing the Road ]
You want to reverse your car but there is a pedestrian waiting to cross the road. You should:

[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
When taking medication, whom should you consult before operating a vehicle?

[ Parking ]
What should you do when you find a space to parallel park?
[ Traffic Controls ]
What is this sign indicating?
[ Lane Control ]
What lane number is considered the fast lane?
[ Additional Driving Laws / Rules ]
When are you required to turn your headlights on?
[ Sharing the Road ]
You are about to overtake a person riding a mobility scooter in windy weather. What should you do as you overtake?

[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
What does it mean when a blind pedestrian pulls in their cane and steps away from the crosswalk?
[ Sharing the Road ]
How much can you be fined if you commit a traffic violating in a construction zone?
[ Sharing the Road ]
It is against the law to follow how many feet behind an emergency vehicle while their emergency lights are activated?
[ Sharing the Road ]
Single-track roads are only wide enough for one vehicle. If you see an oncoming vehicle, you should:

[ Additional Driving Laws / Rules ]
If you fail to appear for traffic court, if you have received a traffic ticket, what can happen?
[ Special Driving Situations ]
When driving on snow, why should you stay in a higher gear?

[ Visual Search ]
Which one of the following is correct when giving enough space to another vehicle?
[ Occupant Protection ]
What is the correct way to wear a lap belt seatbelt?
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
What is this diagram representing?
[ Traffic Controls ]
This type of sign is often paired with which of the following signs?
[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
If you have an open container of alcohol, where must you keep it stored at in your vehicle?
[ Traffic Controls ]
What other information may be included on this sign?
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
Coasting is a term used to describe a vehicle with manual transmission traveling in neutral or with the clutch on. How does this reduce your control of the vehicle? (Check all that apply)

[ Handling Emergencies ]
What is the sixth step you must do in the event that your accelerator becomes stuck?
[ Handling Emergencies ]
According to the California Highway Patrol, what should you do if your vehicle becomes disabled on the freeway?
[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
If you are under the age of 21, and your BAC is 0.01%, how long will your driving privileges be suspended for?
[ Lane Control ]
When you approach a junction, you see a long vehicle in front of you is signalling to turn right, but is positioned on the left. What should you do?

[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
Who should you allow sufficient time to cross the street?
[ Occupant Protection ]
What brochure can you refer to in the event you are needing clarification regarding Driver Distractions?
[ Sharing the Road ]
You are traveling with a motorcycle riding in front of you. Why might they suddenly swerve or move across the traffic lane?

[ Additional Driving Laws/Rules ]
You MUST NOT leave your vehicle unattended if:

[ Safe Driving Practices ]
When you are signalling before making a manoeuvre, you should always:

[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
If you are over the age of 21, what is the minimum level of BAC before it becomes unlawful to drive?
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
What should you do if you are experiencing vehicle troubles and are unable to continue driving?
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
You want to reverse your car but cannot see if it is safe. You should:

[ Special Driving Situations ]
While driving at night, where should you look when a car with bright headlights is coming from the other direction?
[ Traffic Controls ]
When are you allowed to make a right turn when a red arrow light is present?
[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
Under what circumstance must you drive slower?
[ Special Driving Situations ]
What are some of the dangers if you are driving on a flooded road?
[ Special Driving Situations ]
Braking harshly on a wet or icy road may cause:

[ Parking ]
Which of the following is an example of illegal parking
[ Sharing the Road ]
Which of the following is an example of when you can pass a light-rail vehicle?

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