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This practice test will select 46 random questions, which you will be expected to complete within the allocated 60 minute time limit. You will be shown correct and incorrect answers at the end of the quiz, with a hint available on each question should you need it.

Each question approximates the style and type used by the DMV for your real test.


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[ Sharing the Road ]
You are about to overtake a cyclist in windy weather. Why should you leave extra room as you overtake?

[ Additional Driving Laws / Rules ]
How many points must you have in a 12 month period to be considered a negligent operator?
[ Parking ]
When parking uphill, what should you also do?
[ Traffic Controls ]
What is the correct course of action if you see a sign that states "Wrong Way"?
[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
Consuming alcohol will have the following effect: (Select all that apply)

[ Sharing the Road ]
Some of the most vulnerable road users are: (Select all that apply)

[ Sharing the Road ]
What California penal code allows Safety Enhanced-Double Fine Zones.
[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
Unregistered and untaxed vehicles can only be used:

[ Parking ]
Where is it NOT acceptable to park and leave your vehicle? (Select all that apply)

[ Safe Driving Practices ]
You have turned into a sideroad and realise you have made a mistake. You should NOT:

[ Traffic Controls ]
What is this sign indicating?
[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
If you have an open container of alcohol, where must you keep it stored at in your vehicle?
[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
In the event that you have to drive on a sidewalk, what is the correct course of action?
[ Special Driving Situations ]
While driving at night, where should you look when a car with bright headlights is coming from the other direction?
[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
What is the consequence if your BAC is 0.08% or higher?
[ Occupant Protection ]
Pregnant women should do the following regarding a harness style seatbelt?
[ Occupant Protection ]
Which of the following are true regarding children under the age of 8, and are also less than 4 feet 9 inches tall?
[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
Under what circumstance must you drive slower?
[ Visual Search ]
Before changing lanes, what should you do?
[ Additional Driving Laws / Rules ]
If you are under the age of 18 and you are in a vehicle accident, which of the following is true?
[ Lane Control ]
What are turnout areas?
[ Traffic Controls ]
Which of the following types of signs indicate that you must slow down and be ready to stop if necessary?
[ Handling Emergencies ]
What do you need to provide to the Emergency Notification System if you have to call them due to your vehicle stalling on railroad tracks?
[ Additional Driving Laws / Rules ]
What California penal code prohibits driving with an unsecured load that is a potential safety hazard?
[ Sharing the Road ]
Which of these light signals implies the motorcycle is slowing down and maybe about to stop?

[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
What do you do in the event that a pedestrian makes eye contact with your vehicle at a crosswalk?
[ Parking ]
What California penal code allows local authorities to designate public spaces as an exclusive area for charging vehicles?
[ Traffic Controls ]
What does this sign mean?

[ Traffic Controls ]
What does a flashing red traffic signal mean?
[ Sharing the Road ]
The rear of the car in front of you has a white light. What do you expect the vehicle to do next?

[ Safe Driving Practices ]
Which organization has provided suggestions on the correct way for hand positioning on steering wheels?
[ Parking ]
You need to park and leave your vehicle on a foggy road. You should:

[ Parking ]
What does a green parking colored curb indicate?
[ Sharing the Road ]
In windy weather, a motorcycle in front is overtaking a high-sided vehicle. What should you do?

[ Vehicle Positioning ]
In the event that you need to cross multiple freeway lanes, what is the best course of action.
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
When MUST your vehicle's headlights be switched on?

[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
Which of the following is true regarding impaired judgement?
[ Special Driving Situations ]
Which of the following is a way to reduce the hazard associated with high winds while driving?
[ Traffic Controls ]
What does this traffic symbol mean?
[ Additional Driving Laws / Rules ]
At minimum, if an individual is convicted of manslaughter resulting from evading police pursuit, how long can they serve in prison?
[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
Which of the following is the correct assumption regarding right-of-way rules?
[ Occupant Protection ]
How far should your passengers ride from the airbag cover?
[ Vehicle Positioning ]
What is the correct course of action when you are behind a driver who may be dangerous to others?
[ Occupant Protection ]
Apart from the required age, what is the other exception for having a rear-facing child passenger restraint system?
[ Sharing the Road ]
When you enter a construction zone, what should you do?
[ Lane Control ]
Which lane should you drive in if you plan on making a right turn?

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