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South Carolina Full Car Written Test

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This practice test will select 46 random questions, which you will be expected to complete within the allocated 60 minute time limit. You will be shown correct and incorrect answers at the end of the quiz, with a hint available on each question should you need it.

Each question approximates the style and type used by the DMV for your real test.


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  3. Some questions may have more than one answer, a note will be displayed when to do this.
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[ Parking ]
Where is it acceptable to park and leave your vehicle? (Select all that apply)

[ Driver Readiness ]
How frequently is it recommended to have your vision checked?
[ Lane Control ]
What is the correct interpretation of this diagram?
[ Traffic Controls ]
What is this type of sign meant for?
[ Turns ]
At what distance should you signal before making a right turn?
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
Whilst driving or riding, you should avoid distractions such as: (Select all that apply)

[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
If two vehicles meet on a steep road where neither car can pass, who has the right-of-way?
[ Handling Emergencies ]
What is the first step you must do in the event that your accelerator becomes stuck?
[ Traffic Controls ]
What is this sign indicating?
[ Visual Search ]
Even though signal lights are generally followed, what else should you do?
[ Occupant Protection ]
Under which circumstance is a child under the age of 8 NOT allowed to ride in the front seat of a vehicle?
[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
At T intersections without STOP or YIELD signs, what action is correct?
[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
What should you do if you see senior citizens crossing the road ahead?

[ Traffic Controls ]
Which of the following signs means to remain stopped until the green signal, or green arrow appears?
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
What should you do if you are experiencing vehicle troubles and are unable to continue driving?
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
Before setting off on a journey, you should ensure that: (Select all that apply)

[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
While driving slower than normal, under what circumstance may you be cited?
[ Special Driving Situations ]
Accelerating very quickly on a wet or icy road may cause:

[ Handling Emergencies ]
What should you do in the event that you begin to skid while driving on ice?
[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
When you are driving in the state of California, what do you automatically give your consent for?
[ Traffic Controls ]
When you see a solid green traffic signal turn to a solid yellow traffic signal, what should you do?
[ Lane Control ]
When you approach a junction, you see a long vehicle in front of you is signalling to turn right, but is positioned on the left. What should you do?

[ Special Driving Situations ]
Ice and snowy weather has been forecasted. You should: (Select all that apply)

[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
What do you do when a school bus begins to flash red lights?
[ Special Driving Situations ]
If you drive through deep water, why might your brakes become less effective?

[ Additional Driving Laws / Rules ]
If you willfully flee a peace officer attempting to pull you over, what is the consequence?
[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
What also can be classified as an intersection?
[ Driver Readiness ]
What should you do to minimise the risk of tiredness? (Select all that apply)

[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
If you are under the age of 21, and your BAC is 0.01%, how long will your driving privileges be suspended for?
[ Traffic Controls ]
What is this sign indicating?
[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
If an officer suspects you of being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, which of the following is true?
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
A road user in front of you is traveling slowly. You should:

[ Safe Driving Practices ]
How much distance should be between your vehicle and your turn before you signal?
[ Visual Search ]
What do you do if a vehicle merges in front of you too closely?
[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
What is the speed limit when you are in a business district?
[ Additional Driving Laws / Rules ]
What should you do if you purchase a vehicle from another state?
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
You MUST NOT use your vehicle's lights: (Select all that apply)

[ Occupant Protection ]
Which Penal Code prohibits leaving or confining an animal in an unattended, hot vehicle?
[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
What is a PAS?
[ Occupant Protection ]
Under what circumstances are seatbelts required to be worn?
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
You have turned into a sideroad and realise you have made a mistake. You should:

[ Sharing the Road ]
If you are needing to make a turn, and you must enter a bike lane to do so, how much distance can you drive into the bike lane?
[ Additional Driving Laws/Rules ]
If your vehicle's engine is running, you MUST NOT:

[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
If you are over the age of 21, what is the minimum level of BAC before it becomes unlawful to drive?
[ Lane Control ]
What is the other common name for yield lines?
[ Traffic Controls ]
What is this sign indicating?

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