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West Virginia Full Car Written Test

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This practice test will select 46 random questions, which you will be expected to complete within the allocated 60 minute time limit. You will be shown correct and incorrect answers at the end of the quiz, with a hint available on each question should you need it.

Each question approximates the style and type used by the DMV for your real test.


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[ Turns ]
Which of the following is true regarding a public transit bus lane?
[ Sharing the Road ]
The motorcycle in front of you has a flashing amber light as shown. What do you expect the vehicle to do next?

[ Visual Search ]
Which one of the following is correct when giving enough space to another vehicle?
[ Special Driving Situations ]
Where are you most likely to be affect by crosswinds?

[ Safe Driving Practices ]
If you are under the age of 18, which of the of the following is correct regarding the use of electronic devices while driving?
[ Lane Control ]
What do two solid yellow lines on a roadway indicate?
[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
Which is the correct definition of a roundabout?
[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
In addition to respecting right-of-way rules to vehicles, who does it also apply to?
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
In stationary traffic, you should:

[ Parking ]
Under what circumstances may you park on a freeway?
[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
Consuming alcohol will have the following effect: (Select all that apply)

[ Visual Search ]
You want to reverse your car, but cannot see clearly behind using the mirrors. You should:

[ Safe Driving Practices ]
Why is it important to only honk your horn when necessary?
[ Traffic Controls ]
What is this sign indicating?
[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
You are pulled over for possible Driving under the Influence, and you refuse to submit to a blood or urine test. However, you change your mind later. What is the consequence?
[ Visual Search ]
What is the "3 second rule"?
[ Sharing the Road ]
At what speed do slow moving vehicles typically travel?
[ Occupant Protection ]
Under which circumstance is a child under the age of 8 NOT allowed to ride in the front seat of a vehicle?
[ Traffic Controls ]
What does this sign normally indicate?
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
Before making a manoeuvre, changing direction, slowing down or moving off you should always: (Select all that apply)

[ Laws and Rules of the Road ]
What should drivers of hybrid of electric vehicles do when a blind pedestrian is attempting to cross?
[ Occupant Protection ]
How far should your passengers ride from the airbag cover?
[ Lane Control ]
What do broken white lines indicate on a roadway?
[ Visual Search ]
What does it mean to tailgate another vehicle?
[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
How long does a DUI conviction remain on your record?
[ Handling Emergencies ]
What is the second step you must do in the event that your accelerator becomes stuck?
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
What can cause a vehicle to skid? (Select all that apply)

[ Vehicle Positioning ]
When you are on a city street, how much space should you leave to merge, cross, enter/exit traffic?
[ Lane Control ]
What is the correct definition of a bicycle lane?
[ Turns ]
What is a U-Turn?
[ Sharing the Road ]
You are traveling slowly behind a cyclist in front of you. Why might they suddenly swerve or move across the traffic lane?

[ Sharing the Road ]
You are reversing your car and a pedestrian starts walking behind you. You should:

[ Handling Emergencies ]
What is the sixth step you must do in the event that your accelerator becomes stuck?
[ Special Driving Situations ]
Why are vehicles fitted with rear fog lights?

[ Visual Search ]
Why is it important to not develop a "fixed stare" while driving?
[ Additional Driving Laws / Rules ]
If an individual is from out of state, once they receive a job or become a resident, how long do they have to register their vehicle with the state of California?
[ Traffic Controls ]
What is the correct interpretation of this sign?
[ Sharing the Road ]
When passing a bicyclist, how much space should you leave between your vehicle and the bicyclist?
[ Lane Control ]
Apart from looking in your mirrors, what should you do before changing lanes?
[ Special Driving Situations ]
On curves, there is ___ pull on your vehicle.
[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
If you are driving a vehicle that requires a CDL, what is the minimum level of BAC before it becomes unlawful to drive?
[ Safe Driving Practices ]
If you break down, and you have emergency flares available, what distance should you place them from your vehicle?
[ Alcohol and Drugs ]
When taking medication, whom should you consult before operating a vehicle?

[ Special Driving Situations ]
Coasting is a term used to describe a vehicle traveling in neutral or with the clutch on. How does this affect your control of the vehicle? (Select all that apply)

[ Safe Driving Practices ]
Which steering method is recommended when backing up?
[ Lane Control ]
What is a HOV lane?

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